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Perfectly you.

Perfectly you.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the worth we feel as humans and especially as women.  We are the hardest on ourselves, and why is that?  Is it our culture?  Is it our childhood, our parents, other parents?  

Our desire to be perfect consumes us.  

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a fundraising brunch hosted by Bottega Clothing here in Billings this weekend.  As I sat drinking my mimosa next to two beautiful ladies, my employees, I thought to myself, "Wow, every woman here is BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, and Perfect!"  What a blessing to be surrounded by these women.  I then had thoughts of, "I wish I could pull off that style of dress. I would love to be that confident in heels.  Oh, I should have worn a long dress to cover my legs!  I should run to the bathroom and check my makeup. Ect."  But then it hit me, these women not only have some of the same insecurities I am having, but these things (dress, heels, makeup, etc.) aren't really what made me think they were beautiful.

As I looked around the room I saw friends laughing, co-workers relaxing and enjoying themselves, ladies being silly getting their photos taken; it was then it hit me.  The pure joy and connection everyone was sharing was what I appreciated in that moment and what makes each of us perfect!

There was also a moment I looked over at the owner of Bottega (a business owner whom I admire) and she was beaming!  It wasn't her beautiful dress or her long lean legs that impressed me, it was her passion, her excitement of the event, and I saw in that moment, she was proud!!!  It was powerful.  If only we all felt that all the time.  Yes, even when we mess up or say something that wasn't deemed 'appropriate'.  If we TRUELY felt that proudness of ourselves in the lives we have built, the things we have accomplished and the things we have participated in, and heck, even felt proud of the things we haven't done perfectly.  

You my dear are perfectly you.  Own it.  

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Duane Baker

My wife disqualifies my comments about how beautiful she is if her hair isn’t perfect. I wish she could accept that her beauty comes from so much more than her hair, makeup or clothes.

Kristi Drake

You are spot on Becky! And beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Love your passion.

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